Share The Crown πŸ‘‘

So as I’m building my own brand I felt I needed to speak on this. I understand that in our world of social media it’s so easy to look at others & compare yourself & how that so easily & most times unknowingly turns into jealousy envy & hate. But our generation seriously needs to learn how to channel that into motivation. The time you take to comment on someone else doing good just because your not in that same position you could be brainstorming your come up. I think it’s so cool to see all the people I went to school with on their own hustle weather it’s lashes, modeling, YouTube, art, photography, etc. Its really dope as hell that we can all find our niche & just not hate but uplift & motivate… Moral of the story Boss Up Queens πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ & don’t be afraid to support in the process, there’s enough crowns to go around! πŸ’•

Speaking of some queens that I see doing their thing.. Shout out to some ladies I went to school with that’s doing their thing:

@Cierramsmith – Lashes

@amj.model – Modeling

@sabryaslays – Youtuber/Creator/Artist

@shaylinw – Photographer/Artist

-Elizabeth L’amour


This is the post excerpt.

img_9319-1.jpgTo start off the new year i’ve decided to explore some of the things I’ve always wanted to do and one of those is this blog! I’ve always had a passion for expressing myself and ideas on a public platform and what better time than now? On this site I plan to talk about plenty of relatable things for the everyday girl/boy that just so happens to be just like me. I promise you will find at least ONE thing I talk about relatable, weather its beauty, college life, music, literally anything this site will be an open space where no topics are off limits so comments will always be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support and remember the more your engaged the better this experience will be so don’t be afraid to HMU!